Goods inspection policy


Goods inspection is to perform the work of checking and comparing the products/goods received in the Hoang Kim Bird's Nest package sent with the products in the customer's order.

1. Time to check goods. Hoang Kim Bird's Nest accepts customers to check in with the delivery staff at the time of receipt. Product testing is not supported. After receiving the goods, the customer checks and discovers an error and can contact the customer service department for return support. Note, please record a video when opening the box for comparison when necessary.

2. Scope of goods inspection. - Customers can check the actual products received, compare and contrast the received products with the products ordered on the order after Hoang Kim Bird's Nest staff confirms the order according to the following criteria: sample photo, code product, size, color. material… - Absolutely do not peel or open product boxes with seals or guarantee stamps.

3. Steps to take when the goods received are not as ordered. - When you check, the product received is not the same as the product you ordered. Please contact hotline 0914005335 or email to meet with the customer service department to confirm the order. - In case Hoang Kim Bird's Nest places the wrong order according to the customer's request, the customer may not receive the goods or make payment. In case the order has been paid, the customer can request to resubmit a new order or not, Hoang Kim Bird's Nest will refund you as soon as possible. - In case Hoang Kim Bird's Nest is packed according to the order, but the customer changes their needs, the customer can request a return and apply the return policy. In this case, the customer will pay delivery costs (if any).

4. Contact Information. Users can send an email to or call Hotline 02333707999 or 0914005335 to adjust or delete their personal data.