Ready-to-eat Bird's Nest (For Dieters)


Ready-to-eat bird's nest for dieters is a product suitable for dieters, people who are prescribed not to use sucrose, who need to quickly improve their health with high bird's nest content, processed from 1.5g of cleaned and dried bird's nest (~12.6g of fresh bird's nest), combined with stevia and fresh ginger juice according to traditional recipe. Made using traditional methods. Sterilized with sterilization technology to produce a quality product, preserving nutrients. The product has a delicious flavor, rich in traditional flavor. Bringing users an experience: Safe - nutritious - convenient.

Eating bird's nest has the following uses: Quickly restore health, strengthen the immune system, maintain youthfulness, and help strengthen bones.

Ingredients: 1.5g of cleaned and dried bird's nest (12.6g of fresh bird's nest), stevia, 73g of purified water, ginger juice

HOANG KIM BIRD'S NEST commits to the product!

- 100% pure bird's nest.

- The ingredients are completely natural

- The product does not contain preservatives and industrial colorants

- The water source is periodically checked for quality.

Origin: Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa

Instructions for use: Shake well before drinking, tastes better when cold, do not use the product if it is damaged.

Expiry date: 12 months

Drink after opening.