Shipping and delivery policy

Delivery methods

We use 02 delivery methods:

Customers buy goods directly at our company or store

Currently, Hoang Kim Bird's Nest only delivers orders within Vietnam, we do not ship orders outside the country.

Estimated delivery time

Usually after receiving the order information, we will process the order within 24 hours and respond to the customer with information about payment and delivery.

The delivery time is usually between 3-5 days from the date of order confirmation or as agreed with the customer when placing the order.

However, there are cases where delivery takes longer but only occurs in the following force majeure situations:

– Our staff cannot contact the customer by phone so we cannot deliver the goods.

– The delivery address you provided is incorrect or difficult to find.

– The number of orders suddenly increases, causing the order processing to be delayed.

– The supplier is slower than expected, causing the delivery to be delayed or the shipping partner is late

Delivery costs

If the order is worth 2,000,000 VND or more, we will waive the shipping fee nationwide.

If the order is delivered within Nha Trang city and is worth over 500,000 VND, we will waive the shipping fee.

In other cases, the shipping fee will be calculated according to the shipping unit's fee depending on the location and volume of the order. Customers need to contact Yen Sao Hoang Kim to confirm the specific fee.

Determine the responsibility of the trader, logistics service provider for providing goods documents during the delivery process.

All orders are packaged before shipping, sealed by Yen Sao Hoang Kim.

The shipping unit will only be responsible for transporting goods according to the principle of "original packaging".

All orders have the following information on the packaging:

Recipient information, including: Recipient name, phone number and recipient address

Order bill of lading

To ensure the safety of the goods, Hoang Kim Bird's Nest will send a valid financial invoice or warehouse delivery note of the product in the parcel (if any).

The financial invoice or warehouse delivery note is the basis to support the complaint handling process such as: determining the market value of the goods, ensuring the goods are in legal circulation, etc.

Responsibility for damaged goods during transportation

Regarding the provision of goods documents during the delivery process.

For goods damaged during transportation, whether the order is shipped by the store itself or by a third party, we will be the party responsible for resolving the problem for the customer.

Customers have the right to refuse to receive the product and request a return according to the "Return of Product" policy. For any problems that arise, we will work with the shipping partner to resolve compensation for the order according to the cooperation agreement between the company and the third party providing the shipping service.

Note: In case of delay in delivery, we will promptly inform the customer and the customer can choose between Canceling or continuing to wait for the goods.

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