Natural bird's nests of Hoang Kim Bird's Nest are the type of bird's nests harvested directly from the system of bird's nest houses in the central coastal region, without any preliminary processing or cleaning process. Therefore, the raw bird's nests still have feathers, dirt and impurities. However, this is also the type of bird's nest that retains 100% of the flavor and valuable nutrients from nature. Therefore, to use natural bird's nests, it is necessary to clean the feathers and impurities before processing.

Characteristics of quality natural bird's nests:

  • Shape: Raw bird's nests are shaped like a cup, with various sizes and weights.
  • Color: Bird's nests are white or ivory, depending on the hygiene conditions of the bird's house environment.
  • Texture: Bird's nests have a fibrous structure layered on the outside and interwoven on the inside, tough and elastic. When soaked in water, the bird's nest will expand and become soft.
  • Flavor: Raw bird's nests have a fishy smell and salty taste typical of the region, with a refreshing taste.

Outstanding advantages of natural bird's nests of Hoang Kim Bird's Nest:

  • Clear origin: Bird's nests are exploited from the system of bird's nest houses in the central coastal region, strictly managed and monitored, ensuring quality and clear origin.
  • High quality: Bird's nests are harvested, classified according to prescribed standards and manually processed by a team of skilled workers, ensuring the integrity of the structure and natural nutrients.
  • High nutritional content: Natural bird's nests contain high levels of protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, good for health and beauty.
  • Diverse products: Hoang Kim Bird's Nest provides a variety of choices of natural bird's nest products, suitable for all needs and preferences of consumers.
  • Reasonable price: Hoang Kim Bird's Nest has reasonable prices, competitive with other bird's nest products on the market.